Talon: Jigging Whip


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  • Two series – RYPE 10 and RYPE 24/35
  • Great and versatile range from lightweight jigging, heavyweight jigging and spreading across to multi-application baiting, light trolling and popping
  • Styles: Casting (trigger grip) or spinning.
  • RYPE 24/35 comes with gimbal, plus cap
  • RYPE 10 comes with power EVA rear knob
  • Jig weights from 20-200g variants
  • These blanks are very strong and all of the rods are underrated both in terms of jig weight and PE rating: Team tests on the RYPE 35-165T -80lb braid and jigs up to 300gr. This is right as the rod safely lifts 10kg straight off the floor at an angle of 90deg.
  • These are fantastic rods for people looking to do some medium to heavy slow jigging without spending a fortune. They can also double/triple as trolling and bait rods.
  • As with the CT “Clear Tip” series the rods are virtually unbreakable.
  • Great for targeting a huge range of species, Doggies and more