Talon: Clear Tip Trolling Rod


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The Talon “CT” Clear Tip Series currently comprises 8 models in the range – 5 fixed butt models and 3 detachable butt models (bent butt). These high-quality and extremely strong trolling rods feature roller guides; the blanks are exceptionally strong and basically indestructible.


  • Spiral wrapped carbon ribbon (up to 50) core with glass overlay
  • 5 fixed butt models – 30/50; 60/80; 80/100;100/120; 140/160; 160/200.
  • 3 detachable butt models (Bent butt) – 80/100;100/120; 140/160
  • Guides and tips: 30/50 models feature lightweight “fish-shaped” roller guides. All heavier models feature Extra Heavy-duty roller guides similar to Pac Bay Heavy Duty.
  • Eyes feature stainless bearings
  • Grips: One-piece models feature hard EVA grips front and back with foregrip grooved to prevent slipping. 2 piece models feature short bent metal stand up butts (detachable and compatible with AFTCO, Pac Bay, etc) and leather-wrapped foregrips.
  • Massive clearances, allowing heavy leaders (up to 600lb) to pass easily
  • Maintenance requirement is minimal
  • Application: Serious offshore trolling and baiting. Particularly well suited to commercial applications and chartering. The one-piece rods 60/80,80/100 and above were built specifically for Cape Tuna men. The rods themselves are well suited to tuna fishing as the actions are relatively slow and soft (for the given rating), which saves the back.
  • Cannot be beaten at the price point.