Razor Baits: Fat Boy



5 Pack

16 Colours available

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The Fat Boy was designed by RAZOR BAITS founder/owner Jim Lanza in early 2015. The Fat Boy has wider ridges than most other stick baits. The ridges are approximately 3/16" wide which causes a different vibration than all the others stick baits. The "SALT" content is approximately 25% of the body's weight. This added weight allows for longer cast of the Fat Boy. The Fat Boy has a good sink rate and even though it is a thicker bait, 1/2" diameter at the egg sack, it still have a flexibility. With the added garlic scent of "The JUICE", the Fat Boy catches big fish! Another way to fish it is by flipping and will handle up to a 6/0 hook.

It is available in all of our standard single colors. We also offer it with Blue, Blue Flash, Chartreuse, Lightning, Orange, Passion Pink or Red tails on certain colors. The colored tails are 1 1/4" long.