Razor Baits: Cash Craw



8 Pack

9 Colours available

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The Cash Craw's overall measures is 4" long and has a 1/2" wide round body to handle up to a 5/0 wide gap hook. The 2 claws are each 2" long, 7/8" wide and 1/8" thick and the slightest movement of the baits causes them to have an erratic action that drives bass crazy.

Like the "Original" Mud Bug, the primary design for the Cash Craw was for flipping/pitching but there as several ways to fish this bait. It can be Texas rigged weighted or unweighted and retrieved in a steady sub surface motion, twitching/jerking motion, stop and go motion, by dead sticking or ran across the surface unweighted. It can also be used as a jig trailer or a spinner bait trailer.

The Cash Craw's rounded body design makes it almost impossible to be fouled by weeds or grass and can easily be fished in the thickest stuff that you can find. The slightest movement of the bait causes it to have a fluttering motion of the claws, a wiggling motion of the  2 - 1/2" long nose feelers and the 6 legs .