Mossback: Tungsten Skirted Punch Weights


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Built and designed for penetrating through the thickest mats, hyacinth and vegetation, the MB Tungsten Skirted Punch Weights provide the ultimate all-in-one package. Turning your soft plastic into a jig-style presentation while maintaining the weedless properties of a Texas-rig, the MossBack design flat side flipping weight is built around a 97% pure eco-friendly tungsten head. The MB Tungsten Punch Weights are much denser than lead weights of the same size to provide a more compact profile that easily penetrates through small holes in cover.

Equipped with a premium 44-strand skirt, MB Tungsten Punch Weights also allow anglers to create custom combinations with their soft plastics for a totally unique presentation to trigger more bites. Finished with a chip-resistant powder coating, MB Tungsten Punch Weights are a must-have for punching into heavily weeded and matted areas. The range includes 4 head colours, 8 skirt combinations and 6 weights.