MossBack MB Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Weight


  • Unique weight design for streamlined fishing
  • Perfect line clip to prevent hook-ups
  • Great paired with a drop shot set up
  • Lead free
  • 97% Pure eco-friendly tungsten
  • Perfectly machined – MossBack tungsten will never cut your line
  • Ultra-tough, chip-resistant coating
  • Large range of weights – 1/8oz, 3/16oz, 1/4oz, 3/8oz and 1/2oz
  • Tungsten colours: Plain silver
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Since the inception of MossBack, the company has strived to bring the perfect tungsten weights at the right price to the market. Their manufacturing processes produce the highest quality of insert and fray free, eco-friendly, 97% tungsten weights. Being insert free allows you to peg the weights much easier and apply a stopper for extra snag-free resistance. MossBack Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Weights are the choice for anglers who want the ultimate in sensitivity in a much smaller profile than lead. Built with a “pineapple” clip for fast rigging and an embedded swivel to prevent line twist. The extra sensitivity of the 97% tungsten helps anglers feel through the snags and detect soft strikes that others just can’t do. No tackle box is complete without MossBack tungsten!