MossBack MB: Swing-It Chatterbait


  • Versatile little chatterbait
  • Chip-resistant painted head that matches the replaceable soft silicone skirt
  • EWG hook – works great with any trailer
  • Runs true with arrow-type head
  • Replaceable EWG hook and connected by split ring for freedom of movement
  • Nickel blade for extra flash and colour
  • Available in a range of 6 colours
  • Weight: 10g and 14g
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When it comes to Chatterbaits, there are a few key aspects you need to look for, and the MB Swing-It Chatterbait has them all! The first is versatility: Chatterbaits are a year-round bait. Being able to run the MB Swing-It Chatterbait in a multitude of waters, clear or stained, deep or shallow, open water or weeded areas… you can drag it off the bottom or let it flutter vertically. The second is movement: the MB Swing-It Chatterbait has a fast, tight wobble. With the blades, chatter and flash attracting the bite, reel it fast to get the most action out of the MB Swing It Chatterbait. Drop it like a jig, or swim it like a spinnerbait with flash, and get the wobble of a crank. The freedom of the hook gives your bait an extra shake. The third is hookup: The MB Swing-It Chatterbait comes with an EWG 3/0 that can be rigged weedlessly with a trailer. This allows fishing in heavy vegetation or can be swapped out with any variation of hook with the freedom of an interchangeable split ring. Don’t be afraid to set the hook, the 3/0 EWG on the MB Swing-It Chatterbait can handle any fish. The fourth is trailer compatibility: the EWG hook is designed to take any trailer you want, rigged weedlessly: curly tail grub (MB trailers are made to match), craw, and ringworm will do the job, or match with any fluke paddle tail or trailer of choice and mix and match the colour to the trailer. The fifth and final aspect is colour and weight: We have started the range with 6 fish-catching colours in 10g (3/8oz), and more to come.

Chatterbait Tips:

  • Make sure the trailer is set on every cast to make sure you get the most out of your MB Chatterbait.
  • Don’t be afraid to cast on ultra-light tackle or your spinnerbait set up.
  • Set the hook …. The bait can handle it!