MossBack MB: Shakey Head


  • Unique weight design for streamlined fishing
  • Great to pair with any bottom plastic – Worm, Craw, and Creature baits
  • Lead-free
  • 97% Pure eco-friendly tungsten
  • Perfectly machined – MossBack tungsten will never cut your line
  • Weedless design cuts through grass and weed effortlessly
  • Durable nickel-titanium keeper spring
  • Super sharp chemically-sharpened hook
  • Ultra-tough chip-resistant coating
  • Range of weights – 3/16oz and 1/4oz
  • Tungsten colours – Black and Green Pumpkin
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Since the inception of MossBack, the company has strived to bring the perfect Tungsten Shakey Heads with unmatched strength through chemically-sharpened hooks at the right price to the market. Their manufacturing processes produce the highest quality, eco-friendly, 97% Tungsten Shakey Heads. The MB Tungsten Shakey Jig Heads offer a compact presentation up to 35% smaller than lead shakey heads on the market, as well as greatly increased sensitivity. Durable nickel-titanium keeper spring holds the bait in place to rig the hook weedlessly in your plastic.