Maxel: Dragonfly S


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The Motion S range is our signature line of slow pitch, slow-falling jigs. These jigs are designed to be used in tandem with very sensitive rods (Maxel Transformer Ultra Light jigging rods and Sealion jigging rods being a good example of this style of rod), and instead of quickly jerking the rod up and down, work the jig slowly with the rod tip, almost like you would work a soft plastic for bass. This ensures that the jig’s slow flutter action comes into play, and you can keep the jig in the strike zone. These jigs are available in weights from 80g up to 250g, and are equally as versatile as the fast-falling jigs – the 250g jigs even have luminous bands for use in deep water. If slow pitch jigging is your thing, then these jigs are for you!