Maxel: Dragonfly L


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This is the original speed jig from Maxel, and, available in a variety of colours and weights from 12g to 200g – this is our go-to jig for any speed jigging application. In the Cape, we use the 60g and 200g weights for yellowtail and tuna, while we find that further up the East Coast, the smaller sizes work incredibly well for kayak fishing. They are even eye candy to look at: with sleek holographic finishes – yet it doesn’t stop here: they’re as heavy duty in build and finish quality as they are easy on the eyes, and we find that they can take a lot of abuse without peeling or bubbling. The jigs themselves are so versatile that we’ve even had success using 12g and 20g weights as spoons. These are our most popular jigs owing to their versatility, and you can’t go wrong with having them in your arsenal.

Colours: Pink Blue, Shining Blue, Shining Yellow, Pink Yellow, Gold Red, Pink White, Zebra Shining

Weights: 12g, 20g, 40g, 60g, 200g