Maxel: Bumblebee Slow Pitch Jigs


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Unleash the power of the Bumblebee jig - a game-changer in slow-pitch jigging! Its elongated arrowhead shape, combined with a strongly scalloped cutaway, allows it to slice through the water column with unrivalled efficiency. As it descends, witness its mesmerizing fluttering and spiralling action that fish can't resist. Available in a range of weights and 9 captivating colours, the Bumblebee jig is versatile and excels in deeper waters and stronger currents. Choose from flashy non-glow options for clear shallows or opt for darker shades and intense luminescence for deeper and more discolored waters. Dominate the depths with the Bumblebee jig!

Available in 9 colours and in weights from 80g to 240g